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Mobilizing brain power for the new era


Education is not a guarantee of success but it is a guarantee against failure; no country has developed without a good education system. World of Thinking contains ideas on how Australia can enhance its educational system.

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Preparing for the Future

The world is now undergoing its period of fastest-ever change. World of Thinking contains information on techniques for how companies and organizations can best prepare for this era of rapid change.

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Leadership of some form of other has been a vital component in all societies throughout history. Leadership models continue to change. World of Thinking contains ideas on the challenges of leadership and how to make the most of the new era.

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Corporate Governance for the Not for Profit Sector

NFP/Charities are big business; they are worth at least $40 billion to the Australian economy. World of Thinking contains my reflections on the sector, including some ideas for corporate governance in the new era.

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Conference Speaker

DR Keith Suter is a highly professional and experienced speaker. His ability to communicate is exemplary. Keith is a regular on the corporate speaking circuit where all of his presentations are tailored to the clients brief; With such a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr Keith Suter is a fascinating speaker on any occasion.

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